Hi, I'm Tiffany, and I design with words.

I'm a Content Designer living in Austin, Texas. "What's a content designer?" I hear you ask. It's a modern spin on content strategy that focuses on product design and big-picture user interactions. It means I design user experiences with words and strategic content.

A Little Background

I earned my degree in industrial design, where I learned the importance of designing for human factors and considering a product's evolution. (And how to survive on 2 hours of sleep.) With 4 years experience as a front-end developer, I learned that the simple solutions may take the longest to discover—and that no amount of code can save bad content. My time as Virb's Community Director proved that digital products can change lives and that users will always tell you what to design if you only stop to listen. Now, I'm exercising all of these skills in my role as Senior Content Designer at Chaotic Moon.

I love collaborating with teams of designers and developers to create amazing experiences, whether it's mobile, web, or otherwise. I believe in taking the guesswork out of concept development through research and testing. I get excited about writing copy that makes a brand feel complete. And I know that no problem is too big to be solved by a good team happy hour.

Throughout all these endeavors, I've always maintained a side passion as an organizer of events that bring people together. From producing and organizing The Vagina Monologues at ASU four years in a row to, most recently, starting up our company's women's group, I'm a planner who loves taking care of the details but know it all has to come together just right.

When not working, I'm likely to be found exploring with my dog, enjoying wine with friends, or catching some live music. If you're ever in need of an audiobook recommendation, ask away. And yeah, you can totally call me Tiffapiffa.

Where I Specialize

  • Copywriting, from microcopy to long-form
  • Mobile Product Content Design
  • Experiential Design Strategy
  • Pitch Strategy
  • Website Content Design
  • Brand Voice & Tone Definition
  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Where I've Been

Senior Content Designer
, Chaotic Moon Studios, 2013-present

Community Director, Virb, 2012-2013

Front-End Developer & Team Lead, Meltmedia, 2009-2012

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Arizona State University, 2005-2009

Who I've Worked With